The (New) Reading Series at 21 Grand Presents...

Stephen Rodefer & Bhanu Kapil

Sunday, April 18
6:30 pm / 5 USD
416 25th St, Oakland

Carcanet has just published Call It Thought, the selected poems by the American writer Stephen Rodefer. Mr. Rodefer is also the author of
or Two Love Poems from the White World, VILLON by Jean Calais, The Bell
Tears Keep Flowing, Four Lectures (which was a winner of the American Poetry Center’s Annual Book
 Award), Oriflamme Day (with Ben Friedlander),
Measures, Passing Duration, Leaving, Erasures, Left Under A Cloud, and Mon
Canard, among other titles.

His essay on canon-formation, "The Age in its
Cage: A Note to Mr. Mendelssohn on the Sociologic Allegory of Literature and the Deformation of the Canonymous," appears in the Spring 2006 issue of Chicago Review, and that literary journal published a special issue on his work in 2008.

In addition to Villon, Rodefer has published translations of Sappho, selections from the Greek Anthology, Catullus, Lucretius,
Dante, Baudelaire, Rilke, Frank O’Hara, and the Cuban poet Noel Nicola.

He is currently translating Baudelaire for a collection to be published next year, entitled Fever Flowers: Les fleurs du val.

Bhanu Kapil is a dog.

Let me try again.

Bhanu Kapil is a British-Indian writer who lives, industriously, in Colorado. Her industry includes, most recently, a prose work, "Schizophrene," forthcoming from Nightboat Books in 2011, and "Humanimal [a project for future children]" (Kelsey Street Press, 2009.) Bhanu teaches year-round at Naropa University and Goddard College. She has also maintained a private practice as a bodyworker since 1998, though is currently taking a year's sabbatical in order to become a novelist. This is not going so well, as she is: a) seeing clients again, and b) is incapable of writing sustained narratives people could read on trains.