Please join us on Sunday, February 15 at 6:30pm as we welcome...

Laura Elrick and Brian Kim Stefans

LAURA ELRICK lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her books of poetry include sKincerity (Krupskaya 2003) and Fantasies in Permeable Structures (Factory School 2005); some audio pieces and an interview can be heard on the Ceptuetics radio show here. She has been a contributing editor to Future Poem Books and is currently on the organizing committee for the Advancing Feminist Poetics and Activism conference to be held in New York next Fall. On Feb 15, Laura will be performing her video/poem Stalk, which includes documentation of a recent spatial-poetic intervention into several prominent Manhattan commercial districts.

BRIAN KIM STEFANS' recent books include Kluge (Roof Books, 2007), What is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers (Factory School, 2006) and Before Starting Over: Selected Essays and Interviews (Salt Publishing, 2006). Recent digital projects include the interactive Kluge and a series of digital projections called "Scriptor" that are intended for gallery and environmental settings, one of which appeared in the shown "Contranym" in New York City's ABC Gallery in September, 2008. He is presently Assistant Professor of English and Digital Humanities at UCLA and lives in Los Angeles half a block away from Scarlett Johansson ('s face on a billboard).