Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brent Cunningham & Gina Myers

21 Grand
416 25th St. (at Broadway), Oakland
$3-$infinite sliding scale

BRENT CUNNINGHAM is the owner of the following facts: "Despite being 6 foot 4 as a high school freshman, I was cut from the basketball team. My hair once reached the middle of my back. My first publication was when I was 18, in Penthouse magazine, in a section call "College View." In my early twenties I made fairly serious plans to stop speaking for awhile. My goal was to stop speaking for one year. I had the idea I was too chatty and this might help me learn to listen, and anyways I was an intense person and wanted to do something peculiar, monumental and difficult. I even made some cards that tried to explain that I wasn't actually mute but had decided not to speak. For a few years I was always going to do it in just a few months from then, but then I started to think it was maybe offensive to actual mutes. Plus I had a girlfriend by then who basically forbade it."
Twenty Thousand Thousand

3 Poems in Shampoo

An interview

GINA MYERS currently lives in Saginaw, Michigan where she makes books for Lame House Press and co-edits the tiny with Gabriella Torres. Her new chapbook Behind the R is forthcoming from ypolita press later this year. Recent poems have appeared in Coconut and Cultural Society.