Lyn Hejinian

Any artist’s statement is also a misstatement, not because artists don’t know what they are doing but because what they are doing will generally end very far from where it began.

Actually—at least according to Viktor Shklovsky, and why not trust him as well as anyone else—no good art work has an end. It stops, but abruptly, as dreams do. You wake up.

The birds are singing, but it’s not yet light.

What can one learn from dreams? Unconsciously, one’s mind was working.

What I am reading at the inaugural event of the yet-to-be-named literary series curated by Alli Warren and Brandon Brown is a set of pieces from a work that I’ve given several names. It is a night work, though not always a dream work. One thinks many things at night, picks up many different nocturnal languages, without being asleep.

I’ve been working on this project for many years. When it’s finished, it will be called The Book of A Thousand Eyes. Relatively short pieces intended as additions to it have several times turned into projects of their own. My book A Border Comedy was supposed to be a part of The Book of A Thousand Eyes; forgetting was to be incorporated into it and last for about a page.

The Book of A Thousand Eyes is an homage to Scheherazade, who knew everything of importance in her time. It’s addressed to knowledge, then, but it sits on very shaky epistemological grounds. Whatever knowledge is contained in (or obtained by) insomniac perseverations, fairy tales, lullabies, ideational feedback, erotic fantasies (or actualities), etc. is suspect.

The nocturnal terrain is uncertain. It’s also frightening, albeit sometimes funny.

There are a few poems in the work that I can’t read without laughing. I won’t read those, because my laughter gets out of control—it verges on hysteria, overt grief.

According to the ancient story, over the course of one thousand and one nights, Scheherazade re-educates a vicious ruler, and under her tutelage he learns to be just, benevolent, and kind; he becomes almost as wise as she. Nothing any of us can do today can have quite that impact. Perhaps this is because we don’t have access to the ruler.

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